Shelf Life
The cakes are made with fine Jamaican rum which acts as a natural preservative. The shelf life is about 3 weeks when wrapped securely in plastic wrap to ensure freshness and the wonderful aroma of the rum. Refrigeration tends to dry out the cake. If you do refrigerate, wrap securely.

Serving & Storage Instructions
Best served at room temperature. If you freeze, wrap thoroughly and place in a freezer bag. Some people like it cold right out of the freezer. It will thaw quickly if left on the counter. Keep wrapped until ready to serve.

All cakes are shipped priority mail on the day they are baked. A gift card can be included. Cakes arrive tasting like they came right out of the oven. Add $11.50 to each cake ordered for Shipping. Local delivery is $10 per address or free local pick up (by appointment).

Holiday Orders
Cake orders for a special holiday will have to be placed 3 weeks in advance to guarantee delivery.